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How my design subscription service can be an excellent option for any business

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How my design subscription service can be an excellent option for any business.

Design plays a massive role in all business areas, from creating your brand identity, designing social media graphics, printing flyers, and mocking up PowerPoint slides to designing your website or mobile app. A design subscription service can help with these requirements by spreading the cost with a fixed monthly fee.

The challenge for most businesses is finding a readily available designer who is reasonably priced and can produce high-quality design work.

In this post, I’ll cover:

What are the benefits of my subscription design service compared to a traditional agency?

When you work with an agency, you don’t always get the same designer working on your design projects. When I ran an agency a few years ago, we frequently hired freelancers to work on client designs whilst we got on with the “bigger” work internally. Of course, the clients didn’t know this, but there was often a very clear difference in the consistency of the designs that were presented to the client.

A dedicated designer

With my subscription design service, I will be the only one dedicated to working on your projects, so I can ensure all design work remains consistent and loyal to your brand. And as an added benefit, I can also code your website or landing pages, so there is no need for you to have a separate web developer on hand.

A cost-effective design option

I’ve created hundreds of quotes over the years for all types of design projects and sizes of businesses, and one thing I’ve noticed is that most of them struggle to budget for all the work they want to do, especially when getting the projects off the ground. Design subscription services help you budget efficiently and plan design work effectively. There are no surprises with a fixed monthly fee.

Hiring a full-time in-house graphic designer can be expensive, and finding the right one can be difficult. In addition, not all designers can code, which often leads to additional hires. With a design subscription, you only pay when you need it, thus helping you to save costs.

Pause or cancel anytime

A traditional agency would typically urge you to sign up for a yearly contract with monthly retainers for a regular work allocation. The problem here is that they control the task list by providing their own project plan.

On the other hand, a design subscription gives you complete control over the task list and allows you to pause or cancel work anytime. No questions asked.

All artwork and design assets belong to you

I’ve worked for a few agencies during my design career, and one of the things that I hated was the refusal by agencies to give clients access to their finished artwork and files when they wanted to move on. With my design subscription, you have access to all the completed artworks and files – you have paid for them, after all!

Illustration of a designer working on artwork.

What makes my design subscription service different?

There are many design subscription services out there offering the same thing: design. My design subscription has a few differences.

Website design included

In addition to graphic design, I also include website design work within the design subscription, which means I can design and build your Shopify or WordPress website within the design subscription’s available time.

Spread the cost of your web design and development

A typical Shopify store can take up to two months to design, build and test, so the subscription can help spread the development cost. And it means additional design and development can be cut into stages rather than trying to do everything all at once.

The advantage of this is you can test features out one at a time to ensure they are working correctly and have been designed at a good quality. The last thing you want is a broken feature because development has been rushed.

Unlimited design doesn’t work

I do not offer “unlimited design” as it doesn’t work, compromising quality and introducing fast turnaround times. Instead, each plan is based on a set amount of maximum hours per month, with time being logged against each completed task. This means I can do my best work for you and allocate sufficient time for each task without other clients competing for my time.

Illustration of a designer working on typography.

How do “unlimited requests” work?

Unlimited requests mean you can add as many graphic design or website design tasks as you need to your list and organise them in order of priority. I will work through the list one at a time, and you can rearrange priorities whenever you like.

When I’ve completed a task, I will log the time spent and let you know via the Trello board and by email so that you can provide any feedback. If it’s graphic design work, you get unlimited revisions (no going crazy!) to ensure you are happy with the final creative before it is signed off.

Final thoughts.

My design subscription can help budget your projects with a cost-effective fixed monthly fee. And, unlike other design subscription services out there, I also include front-end web development and coding.

Find out more about my design subscription service, or reach out if you have any questions.

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