Logo design for Soul Reflection Healing

A new logo I designed for Soul Reflection Healing features two swans coming together to form a heart, signifying love and an emotional connection. Together, they create a powerful message of love, unity, and the profound reflection of one’s soul. The logo was created in Adobe Illustrator. As with any logo design project, the sketch […] Read more

3 ways to organise products in your Shopify store

The post discusses three methods for organizing store products: through categorized, filtered, or tagged collections. Each method offers various advantages and drawbacks, such as control over content, flexibility with product attribution, URL structure, and SEO impact. The optimal approach depends on the store's specific needs and product range. Read more

Problems with GoDaddy’s Website Builder

A few months ago, I was tasked with building a new website for my wife’s mental health business. She’s not very tech-savvy, so I had to pick a CMS that would be easy for her to use without her having to bug me for changes and how-to’s. Being an ecommerce design consultant, I’m a relatively […] Read more

New ecommerce exploit affects WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento

A new Magecart-style exploit is doing its rounds and affecting multiple ecommerce platforms to steal credit card information and infect other sites. This attack is particularly difficult to identify because the code dropped onto the website is encoded and sometimes masked as a Google Tag or a Facebook Pixel code. Read more

Get a website audit for your Shopify store

Building a new store with Shopify is easy, but getting it right is hard. Selling online requires web and design experience, and understanding how users shop online is vital to your strategy. My Shopify website audit is recommended if you have set up your store and require help making it easy to use with a great user experience. Read more

React is still absolutely terrible for web performance

In Chris Ferdinandi latest Daily Tips newsletter he talks about web performance, and React in particular. I’ve never been a fan of using bloated frameworks. Whenever I have used a React-built website, I’ve always come across a cache issue where I have to hard refresh a few times. This could be poor development, or a product of the framework, but either way it’s bad design. Read more