Design Projects

I design fast websites that improve engagement and sales, are customer-friendly and look great on all devices.

Designs for the Taking Care website.

Taking Care

I designed and built the new Shopify website for PPP Taking Care, which has gone through a series of progressive design enhancements since its first launch.

Designs for the LeagueRepublic website.


I redesigned the website for LeagueRepublic and created a series of sport and software illustrations to help engage the user.

Designs for the Ability Superstore website.

Ability Superstore

I've worked with Ability Superstore for over eight years, and during that time, I designed and built every version of their website. The most recent release uses the Shopify ecommerce platform.

Designs for the Regael website.


I worked with Regael in updating their website from a design and functionality aspect. The most significant change was making the existing design completely responsive and removing the mobile subdomain version.

Designs for the HROnline website.


I worked closely with hronline to redesign their hr web application, public-facing website and mobile apps and created a style guide to ensure designers and developers all had a design structure to follow to ensure web components we're consistent.

The Archive, 2001 to 2010.

The Archive

The archive contains all the past work I created for clients, my business or just designs I was playing around with. Some of my work goes as far back as 1998.

The Lab.

The Lab

A selection of web experiments and tools.

Other clients I've worked for...

I designed and built the main website for the SwitchCar division of Carcraft, UK's largest car supermarket. The website included full car search options, bespoke admin, cms and eBay integration. I also designed and built a series of microsites each targeting a specific audience, e.g green car users, first-time drivers, etc.

I designed and developed the website for the British Veterinary Zoological Society. The website is powered by Expression Engine and has membership and subscription features.

I designed and built the website of Anthony Hodari & Co Solicitors a few years ago which was powered by Expression Engine.

I was asked to work with Sofology's designers and developers in maintaining and updating the PHP version of their sofa/furniture website. The complex designs that were provided were a challenge to implement due to the poor codebase that had been implemented but was successfully completed.

I designed the LiftOff logo for a small project of York Butter Factory (YBF Ventures).

I designed and developed the website for Subway Manchester which catered for online ordering and local delivery of platters and sandwiches for business events and individuals.

I designed various UIs for Peninsula Business Services' health and safety websites, mobile apps and web applications.

I worked for Zen Internet designing all the marketing materials, website banners and email newsletter's across all of their departments.

I designed and developed the ecommerce website for IMO Records London, small vinyl records shop. The website was fully bespoke and included music downloads.

I built the ecommerce website for Printway, a business supplies retailer, a few years ago.

I've been working with Pellpax, a target sports and outdoor accessories retailer, for the last five years and built their very first website and all sites thereafter. The website is built on Shopit, an ecommerce platform I built a few years ago.

I designed all the product packaging, full-colour glossy brochure and websites for Buckingham, a family run cookware manufacturer. Some of their products were featured in Debenhams and Marks & Spencer's department stores.

I designed the ecommerce website for Lockers & Benches, a family run business that manufactures high-quality school benches and lockers.

I've been working with ELK, a Melbourne based fashion label, integrating new features to their ecommerce website.