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I'm Ketan ‐ A Melbourne web designer, developer and illustrator with 20+ years industry experience.

Freelance Web Designer Melbourne, Australia

I design successful ecommerce websites with Shopify.

Building successful ecommerce websites

I'm a British freelance web designer living in Melbourne, Australia. I've worked in the web and graphic design industry since 1998, owning and running successful design studios in Greater Manchester, UK.

The made with Shopify logo

Ability Superstore

The Ability Superstore homepage comprising of featured categories, shop departments and links to useful content.

I've been working with Ability Superstore since they started almost ten years ago and have built every version of their ecommerce website since then.

The latest version is built with Shopify and is fully responsive to improve the user experience. It has many features that enhance the online shopping experience.

  • Responsive website design
  • Shopify theme development
  • Custom website features
  • Built-in VAT exemption features

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I've been designing and building ecommerce websites since the start of my 20+ year career. Every store has unique requirements, styles and functionality, which makes every project a delight to work on.

For the last few years, I've been using Shopify more and more and consider myself to be a Shopify expert. Despite some of its limitations, I've always enjoyed solving my clients' challenging feature requests using Shopify's built-in options.

The made with Shopify logo

Taking Care

The Taking Care homepage providing guidance and information of their personal alarm products and services.

I was approached by Taking Care to build their new ecommerce website with Shopify.

Taking Care required a way of selling customised packages and services, VAT exemption features, Direct Debit options and complete control over their website content via the cms.

  • Responsive website design
  • Shopify theme development
  • Custom website features
  • Built-in VAT exemption features
  • Content personalisation

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Coming from a design and front-end development background, I like to focus on good user experience, including constantly evaluating and improving the store's page speed.

I follow Baymard Institutes UX research and refer to their user experience data on every ecommerce design project. And I also use tools like UsabilityHub and HotJar to back up my design ideas.

The made with Shopify logo

Hearing Dogs

The homepage of the Hearing Dogs online store with many shop categories.

Hearing Dogs hired me to design and build their online store with the popular ecommerce platform, Shopify.

A few of their requirements needed custom coding; a cart-based donation feature, product cross-sells, and product-level VAT exemption.

  • Responsive website design
  • Shopify theme development
  • Custom website features
  • Built-in VAT exemption features
  • Accessible design

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Designing for the web, not only involves creating a useful website but is about creating an experience that helps to engage the target audience and increase sales and conversions.

Every element of the website is analysed from a user experience perspective:- whether it's in the correct location and if the user understands how it works or where to find it and whether it makes sense.


The Printway homepage with a product category menu and top selling products.

I've worked with Printway for a few years, building and improving their bespoke ecommerce platform.

The online store has custom features made especially for wholesale services; customer approval process, wholesale pricing, tiered pricing and live stock updates.

  • Responsive website design
  • Bespoke ecommerce platform
  • Secure payment system

Just some of my clients

Here are a handful of clients I'm working for currently.

  • Ability Superstore logo.
  • Age Co logo.
  • Hearing Dogs for Deaf People logo.
  • Taking Care logo.
  • Printway logo.
  • ELK logo.

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