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I'm Ketan ‐ A Melbourne web designer and developer
with over 20 years of industry experience.

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The web/graphic design history of Ketan Mistry: My design archive is live

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I recently found some of my old client work on a hard drive, so I put it all into an Archive page - for my records more than anything.

Some of the projects I found date back to around 1998, and there’s a good selection of different works there:

  • Static websites built using tables!
  • Static websites built using Adobe Contribute CMS when WordPress wasn’t around
  • WordPress websites
  • Event posters
  • Full page magazine adverts
  • Brand identities and logo designs
  • Adobe Flash websites
  • Product packaging
  • Dynamic websites
  • Icons
  • Restaurant menus
  • Mobile app UI designs
  • Illustrations

Take a look at the new Archive page.

I’ve always liked keeping a record of the work I’ve done in the past. It’s work that I enjoyed doing, and as with any project, I put all my effort into it. And, it is nice just to look back and see how things have changed, especially in website design.

I still remember the days of Macromedia’s Dreamweaver, Firework and Flash applications before Adobe bought them.