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Shopify Tips

A simple JSON generator tool for Shopify metafields

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With Shopify 2.0 came built-in metafield options, allowing additional data to be saved against products, variants, collections, and orders. The new metafields introduced a JSON field that would allow for all data types. Before this, we had to rely on third-party apps (which weren’t very good).

Of course, as a developer, JSON is second nature, but there’s no way I would expect my clients to be comfortable with inputting raw JSON.

As a recent task, I needed to give the client an easy way of displaying a product specification table to the product pages, and the JSON metafield was perfect for this.

So, I created a simple JSON generator tool to add their attributes and create the necessary code, which they can copy and paste into Shopify.

Feel free to use it for your own stores:


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