Web Project Questionnaire

Ketan Mistry

This document will help us put together a solution that best reflects you and the goals of your business. This form is periodically saved (locally) to your browser so you can come back to it if you need to and when you're ready, submit it to me at the end of the document.

Give as much information about the project as you can.

Your Details

Project Details

For example - to inform people about our services, attract potential customers, get people to call us, get people to sign up, get people to donate to our cause.

Projects generally take 6 to 8 weeks from conception to launch. Your page content, images and additional assets would need to be made available at the beginning of the project for deadlines to be met.

If this is an ecommerce website, provide an approximate amount of products you'll have in your inventory.

  • No
  • Yes

Current Website (if applicable)

  • No
  • Yes
Some of the popular content management systems include WordPress, Craft CMS, Expression Engine, Shopify and Magento.

Your Customers/Users

i.e. Age, industry, gender, income, etc

Your New Website & the Competition

For example - prestigious, friendly, corporate, trustworthy, fun, forward-thinking, innovative, bright, bold, calming, elegant, clean, organic, minimal, and cutting edge.

This might include copying content across from your existing CMS.

For example - specific page elements, colours, typography, photos, etc.

This determines how much time I can allocate to your project. It also enables me to advise you on how best to use it and to ensure you've covered for other services such as marketing, seo or advertising. Website projects usually start from around ¤4,000.

Responsive/mobile friendly websites are expected for all projects.
  • Blog
  • Blog post comments/discussion
  • Events/Calendar
  • Portfolio/case studies
  • Photo Galleries
  • Forms (e.g. contact, enquiries, etc)
  • Maps
  • Ecommerce (selling products)
  • Forum
  • Site search
  • Ecommerce wishlist
  • File uploads
  • My account area
  • Admin area
  • Customer/user registration
  • Membership area
  • Social media integration
  • Analytics tracking code
  • Other tracking code
  • Payment gateway integration (e.g. PayPal, Stripe, GoCardless, etc)
  • Bookmarking/favourites

  • Yes
  • No

Sometimes, the old website is still required for accessing data such as customer orders.
  • No
  • Yes