I switched my domain from .com.au to .design

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I recently switched my website from using a .com.au domain to a .design instead. Here’s why.

85% of my client base are internationally based

Being a Brit, about 85% of my work is from UK clients, so having an Australian domain didn’t make any sense. Even though I get enquiries and work from Melbourne businesses I’ve been getting much more from international clients.

Having a .design domain will help me expand more internationally.


With a .design domain, it helps keep my audience focused on what I do: design work. When my website appears in Google search results, users can immediately identify that I’m a designer.

And, let’s face it, .com’s are quite corporate and boring.

More possibilities

This was the main reason I decided to switch. With .design I can start adding things like inspirational content, tutorials or even products if I want to.

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