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I'm Ketan ‐ A Melbourne web designer, developer and illustrator with 20+ years industry experience.

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Journal : Web design

The Return of the 90s Web

A nice little article about how some of the web design trends we all knew have come full circle, like having our own blogs on our personal websites, static websites and using WYSIWYG tools.

30 June 2020 web design

You should be using markdown

I was working on a Wordpress blog redesign recently and came across an issue which reconfirmed my belief that all CMS editors should use markdown. The content in each post on the blog I was...

5 September 2019 web design

Music to code to - Part 1

I like to get in the “zone” when I’m coding, so I usually have my headphones on, even though I’m the only one around, which helps me focus and ignore any distractions from outside. What...

17 December 2018 web design music coding life

Website migration template for Sketch

Website migrations can be a tricky task and depending on the size of the project, require some advanced planning. I’ve completed quite a few migrations during my career, and have always spent some time before...

11 November 2018 web design sketchapp

42caps branding & website design

Recently I designed the branding and UI concept for a small baseball cap ecommerce store. I wanted to create something that was different, straightforward, clean and minimalistic. Jackie Robinson The “42caps” name was inspired by...

18 September 2018 project web design logo design

Experimenting with CSS grid

If you’re into front-end design and development then you would have no doubt heard about CSS grid which enables much more flexible layouts for web pages. In a nutshell, creating a grid is a simple...

18 May 2018 web design

Designing restaurant websites

More and more people use the internet to check which dining options are available nearby and it’s important that your restaurant website offers a good online experience. So how do we do this? Make it...

22 November 2017 web design

5 reasons to have a website

Despite the popularity of the Web, there are still many businesses out there that still do not have an internet presence. Typical reasons for not doing so are not knowing where to start or thinking...

4 March 2008 business web design