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3 ways to organise products in your Shopify store

The post discusses three methods for organizing store products: through categorized, filtered, or tagged collections. Each method offers various advantages and drawbacks, such as control over content, flexibility with product attribution, URL structure, and SEO impact. The optimal approach depends on the store's specific needs and product range. Read more

Shopify 2.0 looks amazing! And metafields…finally!

A few days ago Shopify announced some of its upcoming features at their annual Unite event. Some of the exciting announcements for me were themes 2.0, improved performance, metafields (finally, and it looks flippin’ awesome!), more focus on store content, GitHub integration for devs, and more checkout customisation possibilities. Read more

Shopify limits? What limits?

I recently read a blog post by Shopit Commerce about how Shopify limits its features based on their plans. It was a pointless post that focuses on the “issues” with using Shopify, in order to magnify their own offering. But, it made me think about all the good features Shopify does have. Read more

An example of poor UX design in ecommerce

Not too long ago I was invited to meet with a clothing company to discuss some fundamental improvements to their Shopify website. Disappointingly, after two hours of driving and an unproductive 10-minute meeting (where their only in-house developer didn’t show), I came away with a wasted journey. Read more