My reason for switching from BitBucket to GitHub

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Now that GitHub provides free private repositories, I decided to switch from BitBucket (yes, even though Microsoft have taken over GitHub!).

I’ve been using BitBucket for a few years now, and am familiar with its interface but I find GitHub to be much more user-friendly and intuitive. And, they seem to be continuously adding useful features.

One of my bugbears about BitBucket is its issue tracking. The basic version that you get with each repository is just too basic, and a little bit too clunky for my liking. Of course, I could have upgraded to Jira but as it’s only myself using it, it’s not worth the additional cost.

GitHub’s issue tracking, on the other hand, makes things easy, especially with the keyboard shortcuts. But the big bonus, for me, is copying and pasting screenshots into the issue description – unlike with BitBucket, there’s no need to save files to your desktop and then upload them. This feature is a big time saver!

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