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Sparkles Class Academy: Beware of marketing agencies like this

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I don’t usually write posts like this, but this experience is something that I think some new businesses (life coaches in particular) should be aware of.

To summarise, my wife recently switched careers from being an Optometrist to becoming a Life Coach. As a startup, she had no clients, and she employed a company named Sparkles Class Academy to help her get going because they focused on this new industry. They were recommended for some reason, but in hindsight, I think this is because there aren’t many of these marketing agencies in Australia yet - it’s a relatively new industry.

Anyway, the experience was an awful waste of money and caused all sorts of stress. They were very disorganised and unprofessional and made my wife cry a few times too many.

Companies like this need to be called out, so I posted a Google Review, which gives you an idea of what happened. You can read it below.

My wife signed up with Sparkles Class Academy, a so-called marketing company, expecting to get lots of help starting her coaching business, but it’s been a complete waste of A$26,000. Sparkle Class Academy are very good at talking the talk but have little to no interest once you’ve been captured into their system. They had no idea about my wife’s business and how to promote it - it was like a “one size fits all” approach for them, which, as any good marketing company knows, isn’t how it works.

They were supposed to provide her with everything she needed to get started, including a website and graphics for her promotional campaigns, but instead, what she got were awful Powerpoint style graphics and not even a single web page. So no marketing at all. They say they have a graphic designer and web designer on their books, but as a professional web designer myself, there’s undoubtedly no professional working for them. Ultimately, I had to create all this for her in my own time because what they had provided was embarrassing.

They preach about the tools (Kajabi, Keap and countless others) and software automation they provide, but they don’t want to give any support. I found it very strange why they were setting all this up when my wife didn’t even have a single client. It turns out they are partners with these services, so they get a bit of money, no doubt. Surely the first step is to help build your client list using proven marketing methods and implement the advanced tech automation later?

So, after five months of their service, my wife had:

  • 0 clients
  • 0 website
  • 0 marketing materials
  • 0 support
  • A ridiculous amount of useless, flawed, integrations and automations she didn’t need right now.

There are plenty of marketing companies out there who can offer much, much better quality and support than this bunch for a fraction of the price.

Regarding support: They do not reply to emails, there is no way to contact the owner, Sally “Sparkles”, and everything is done via group Zoom video sessions. There is no one-to-one or private support.

Their contract is very one-sided. My wife tried to cancel the contract within the 10-day cooling period but couldn’t because of an impossible clause that required her to complete a set amount of work (which would have taken more than 10 days!).

We’ve been unsuccessful in getting our money back to use productively, but Sally declared that “your money has already been spent”. This company is targeting vulnerable women by taking all their money and not giving anything valuable in return - the last thing we want to see is someone’s dreams shot because of this greedy company’s mentality, hence the reason for posting our experience.

Unfortunately, they have the gift of the gab and hook you in by telling you precisely what you want to hear.