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A new Sketch library for creating sitemap templates and user-flow diagrams

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For the last few years, I’ve been using a Sketch library I designed to help me create beautiful sitemap templates, and user-flow diagrams for client and personal projects. So, today I’ve made it available for purchase.

Purchase $14

An example of a sitemap created using the Sketch sitemap library.

The library is flexible so that you can adapt it to your use cases. It comes with a set of pre-made page types, page components and page connectors so you can quickly put your diagrams together. And, because everything is a Sketch symbol, you can create as many custom page types as you need.

The components available in the Sketch library.

What do I use it for?

I primarily use the library for creating sitemap diagrams which I use in project quotes and proposals. Occasionally, a website redesign comes along, and the library comes in handy for the planning stages.

Other uses

The library isn’t limited to creating sitemap templates; it could also be used for wireframing, content planning and navigation flows.