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Invoice and order confirmation email designs

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When it comes to building ecommerce websites, the order confirmation emails and invoices are often neglected or forgotten and we make do with the default design or template. But these are all important features and if designed well can add that extra bit of professionalism, customer reassurance and also strengthen your brand image.

I was recently asked to carry the design of my client’s ecommerce website through to every aspect of their system. This included everything from invoices and estimates to order confirmation and forgot password emails.

The challenge here was to create a layout that was mobile responsive, easily transferrable to all templates and most importantly printable.

Invoices can be tricky. They contain a lot of information, so before I started any html/css coding, I designed the layouts in Sketch to ensure every piece of information had a place to sit.

And when it came to coding them up, I hosted the CSS file on a private CDN so the styles could be pushed to all the systems that required it.

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