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I’ve been going somewhat crazy streamlining my services lately to keep things simple for myself.

Last month, it started with converting my website into a static Jekyll one and hosting it on Github Pages, which effectively dropped my hosting services (and costs) down from three to one.

Now I’ve been focusing on my email inbox.

Inbox mess

I use Gmail and GSuite for personal and business emails, which does an outstanding job of organising my inbox view. Throughout the week, I receive quite a few industry-related newsletters to help me keep on top of things, the usual store promotions and, of course, the all-important client emails. But, sometimes, it’s too easy to miss those important emails in the inbox mess.

Decluttering my inbox with Feedly

I wanted to move all those useful newsletters into a separate “channel” and declutter my inbox. And, this is where Feedly came in because it allowed all of my email subscriptions to be fed into it, together with the RSS feeds from all the websites I read regularly. RSS is not dead, despite what some people say.

So, I can now read my news, when I want, all ad-free, without it distracting me from my work.

Everything in one place. Awesome!

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