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Learn2 Core Task handbook design

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I designed the National Curriculum PE Core Task Handbook for The Learn2 Group which features over 200 resources aimed at improving children’s teamwork, fitness and general skills.

Simple and effective illustrations

To make the materials more engaging to the younger audience, I illustrated sets of characters each performing particular actions such as jumping, running and throwing.

Learn2 Illustrations

All illustrations were created in Adobe Illustrator with the handbook layout designed in Adobe InDesign.

The complete handbook was printed on high-quality matt paper and spiral bound.

The client’s response

"I would love it if I could hire Ketan to work with me full-time to make all of my business ideas come to life! On more than one occassion, Ketan has done just this and on every occassion, Ketan has worked within the brief, within the deadline and within the price bracket. I have never found fault with his work ethics or work output. Where some companies state that they will provide a minimum of 'x' ideas for a final design to be chosen from, Ketan actually does this, providing up to six high quality samples that actually makes it difficult to choose the end piece!

I cannot provide a more positive testimonial for Ketan and would be more than happy to genuinely, positively recommend Ketan for any original and creative design project." Becki Coombe, The Learn2 Group