Goodbye LinkedIn

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I’ve been a LinkedIn member for a long, long time and I know some people who use it a lot for absolutely everything, but it never grew on me.

I’m surprised it’s taken me so long to quit the service, but here’s why I decided to leave:

  1. I never kept my profile up to date. I never enjoyed the user experience of the app or the website, and it just felt like a chore to update. And, because I didn’t update my profile, I wondered how many other users didn’t keep theirs up to date either.
  2. With my profile being out of date, I questioned how reliable LinkedIn’s data is. And, ultimately, was that data honest.
  3. I received way too many messages from recruitment agents and Indian based designers enquiring about outsourcing work to them. Neither of these profile types interested me.
  4. I would log in about once a month, and stay for a couple of minutes. The content in LinkedIn does not appeal to me. It’s just too many people giving themselves pats on the back, or just talking crap to get attention and increase connections.
  5. LinkedIn seems to have become a social platform rather than a professional business tool.
  6. Both the website and mobile app have awful user experiences.
  7. Do I need it? No. If someone wants to make contact, they can easily Google me and find my website or dribbble profile. I’ve never had an enquiry from LinkedIn, where I got a remarkable project.

Instead of having a LinkedIn profile, I’ll be adding my details to my website. It makes perfect sense, as this is where I get all my enquiries.

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