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Currency app UI design & illustration

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I designed the user interface for a currency monitoring app for Android which also involved creating a set of illustrations for each screen. The UI was designed within Sketch, and the illustrations were all created using Affinity Designer.

Sketches & Illustrations

Initial drawings of global landmarks

Initial sketches and ideas for the illustrations.

Statue of Liberty, London Parliament, Sydney Opera House

The Statue of Liberty, London Parliament and Sydney Opera House.

The Golden Gate Bridge, Gherkin, Eiffel Tower, Berlin TV Tower, CN Tower

The Golden Gate Bridge, Gherkin, Eiffel Tower, Berlin TV Tower and Toronto’s CN Tower.


Onboarding 1@2x

Above is the initial screen the user would see when they first install the app on their device. The following screen would then allow the user to select up to eight currencies they would like to monitor.

Onboarding 2@2x


Rates Page@2x

This screen is where the rates would be displayed; green if it’s improved and red if it’s decreased.

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