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UPDATE JULY 2018 – I’ve updated the plugin to enable the cookie message to be reopened after it is set the first time.

There’s quite a few cookie consent options out there already, but many are complicated to set up, style and don’t look or work that great.

As a designer I wanted something that was user-friendly, customisable and easy to set up. So, I decided to create my own jQuery plugin that would provide a simple lightweight option.

Note: With GDPR coming into affect May 2018, I will continue updating this plugin so that it complies fully with the new regulations. Cookies is just one part of the regulation – more information about GDPR.

A lightweight jQuery plugin that displays a cookie consent message as required by EU regulation. The plugin displays a message on the user’s first visit to your website and, by default, again 30 days after their last visit.

The visitor must click the accept button within the popup for the cookie to be set thus granting their consent (GDPR). You can no longer use the implied consent model.

Key Features

  • Easy to install on to any website
  • Visitor must click button to accept cookies on your site
  • Customisable in design
  • Callback function can be run when consent message is accepted
  • Option to uncheck any checkboxes on the page upon page load
  • Ability to reopen message and update cookie choices

You can download the latest version with instructions at the link below:

Any issues or if you require help installing it, please DM on twitter or github.

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