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I'm Ketan ‐ A Melbourne web designer, developer and illustrator with 20+ years industry experience.

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Sports illustrations for LeagueRepublic

Below are a series of sports illustrations I created for LeagueRepublic, a sports administration platform, as part of their website redesign. Read the case study for more details about the project. “I highly recommend Ketan’s...

8 March 2019 illustration

Music to code to - Part 1

I like to get in the “zone” when I’m coding, so I usually have my headphones on, even though I’m the only one around, which helps me focus and ignore any distractions from outside. What...

17 December 2018 web design music coding life

Website migration template for Sketch

Website migrations can be a tricky task and depending on the size of the project, require some advanced planning. I’ve completed quite a few migrations during my career, and have always spent some time before...

11 November 2018 web design sketchapp