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2020. What a year it’s been.

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I don’t need to tell you that 2020 has been a crazy year. It’s certainly been a year of change resulting in us reflecting on our everyday lives and deciding what we need and don’t.

When Melbourne was in lockdown, things changed for us. My wife was no longer working, and my eight-year-old son was now homeschooling. We automatically started making adjustments to our everyday lives:

  • We started a little veggie patch in our back garden and have successfully grown tomatoes, eggplants, courgettes and strawberries.
  • We bought bicycles so we could explore the local cycle trails and get our daily exercise. We now, even out of lockdown, prefer to go and buy our groceries using our bikes rather than our cars when we can.
  • We bike it to school because it’s so much quicker and easier. Sadly the pollution from all the commuter cars has returned.
  • We’ve stopped getting takeaways!
  • We shopped for essentials only.
  • And, we got used to spending time at home.

Full steam ahead

But apart from all these lifestyle changes, this year I’ve had the opportunity to work on some wonderful projects. I’ve launched four large ecommerce websites along the way, which is quite an achievement for an independent devsigner.

Github Chart 2020

This little chart on my Github profile shows how “active” my year has been from a development aspect. Of course, this doesn’t even consider any of the design work I did throughout the year, or some of the smaller website feature implementations I integrated such as “click and collect”.

A timeline of project launches

Here’s a list of all the projects launched this year.

  • April

    • PPP Taking Care Website

      I designed and built their Shopify website, which required some advanced theme customisations, such as VAT exemption and a product package builder – all made without third-party apps.

      Taking Care website

  • May

    • Galton’s Website

      I designed the UI for the Galtons Shopify website.

      Galton's website

  • June

    • LeagueRepublic Designs

      I designed three fully responsive themes for LeagueRepublics software platform.

      League Republic themes

  • Sept

    • Regael Outdoor Sports Website

      I re-integrated into another ecommerce platform.

  • Oct

    • Age Co Personal Alarms Website

      I built a Shopify website for Age UK, similar to the PPP Taking Care project. This project used the existing Age Co style guide, and there was still some considerable design work involved.

      Age Co Personal Alarms website

    • Ability Superstore Website

      I designed a new look for the Ability Superstore website. This project involved creating a fully responsive website with added features such as VAT exemption, a better-integrated blog and a user-guides section.

      Ability Superstore website

  • Dec

    • Printway Website

      I redesigned the Printway website making it fully responsive and upgraded their ecommerce platform. The existing website was approximately eight years old and was somewhat neglected.

      Printway website

So, as you can see, it has been an extremely busy year for me right through to December. I’ve not had any breaks this year, so am taking the whole of January off for some much-needed relaxation. Looking forward to it! 🙂

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