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My journal, a collection of my design work, inspiration, discoveries and personal experiences in running a business.

31 May 2021 css


I wasn’t aware of the CSS is() pseudo-class, but this would help avoid that much-hated selector duplication.

28 May 2021 web design core web vitals page speed

Improving page speed and core web vitals

This week, I deployed some page speed/core web vitals updates to my clients Shopify website. I’ve been working on it for a few weeks now, tweaking code and assets here and there wherever I can...

20 May 2021 ux usability design patterns

Frustrating Design Patterns: Mega-Dropdown Hover Menus

Great article about the problems with mega-dropdown menus. I’ve never been a fan of them, and implementing them is always a tricky task. I recently redesigned the menu on AbilitySuperstore.com from being a mega menu to a traditional “slide-out” structure, akin to how OS (macOS, Windows, etc.) menus work.

17 May 2021 html css

A love letter to HTML & CSS

A brilliant post about how important HTML and CSS truly are today more than ever. I’ve been watching the JS and React craziness going on over the last few years and have refused to take part. The fundamentals of the web are, and always will be, HTML and CSS. Without these at the core, JS, React, or even PHP (or any other web-based language for that matter) would not even exist.

Three Lions get a makeover for new England Football brand

5 May 2021 branding logo design

The logo for the English Football Association (The FA) has had a makeover. I like the idea behind it, but the implementation just doesn’t work for me. Personally, I think it lacks any strength and looks too scruffy, with jagged edges, as if it was designed in a 1998 copy of Microsoft Paint! And why are the lions laughing?

25 April 2021 business archive graphic design web design

I just added an Archive page to my website

I recently found some of my old client work on a hard drive, so decided to put it all into an Archive page - for my records more than anything. Some of the projects I...

14 April 2021 news personal

Returning to RSS with Feedly

I’ve been going somewhat crazy streamlining my services lately to keep things simple for myself. Last month, it started with converting my website into a static Jekyll one and hosting it on Github Pages, which...