10 things that made my year (2021)

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A new year is upon us. 2021 seems to have flown by so quickly for me, which has been a good thing because it means I’ve kept busy with work and family life.

So for this years review, I decided to use Austin Kleon’s idea and list ten things that made my year. These are in no particular order.

  1. Getting vaccinated to keep our small family safe.
  2. Staying busy with client work.
  3. Family bike rides. We’re lucky to have a nice bike trail near us, especially in lockdown.
  4. Buying a Nintendo Switch Lite to play Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
  5. Apple AirPods. I never thought these would be on my list, but wearing over-ear headphones in a hot climate can get really hot and uncomfortable. I’ve never been keen on earbuds, but these are truly awesome.
  6. Pizza Friday with movie night. Always homemade pizza – no takeaway can beat it. We are vegetarian on Fridays, so we always make veggie pizzas.
  7. Reading all the Austin Kleon books, where the idea of this list comes from. If you haven’t read them, read them. Truly inspiring.
  8. Watching Ted Lasso on Apple TV. It’s the British humour we’ve been missing – looking forward to the next season!
  9. Having a decent-sized garden so we could spend time outside during lockdown. We even had a picnic!
  10. Good friends. We’ve got very little family here, and they live on the other side of Melbourne, so having our good South African friends nearby has been a blessing.

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